Serviente Glass Studios has been creating vitreous based beauty for close to three decades and loving most every minute of it. The Stained Glass section bears no explanation. Click the image and see what I mean. The Warm Glass section has my line of nationally represented vases, dishes, sculpture, bowls, and other manifold glass makings born of my caffeine soaked neurons, some of which defies easy explanation. I also do custom work for lighting manufacturers, architects, commerical clients and whoever else happens to need someone who has been around kilns for decades, who has giant kilns that make the local utility happy, and who enthusiastically takes on sleep depriving challenges. Contrary to any impression you may have gleaned so far, I endeavor to run a professional studio that does quality work in a competent and cheerful manner.

This is a completely new version of the site and it wil be getting captioned and fleshed out as time goes by. If anything is perplexing or interesting or you just want to know more then please call the studio at 888-511-3653

I will be teaching at the fabulous Pittsburgh Glass Center this summer.Click their logo to learn more or call my studio and I'll enthusiastically tell you all about it!